Dehradun – Hindu Yuva Vahini puts up banners in over 150 temples prohibiting entry of non-Hindus

Police register a case against them !

How this can be a crime? Hindus have the absolute right to decide who should enter their temples and who should not. If people of other faith are not allowed entry into Mecca, then what is wrong if Hindus deny entry of people from other religions to their temples? Hindus strongly feel that if beef eating fanatics enter a temple thesanctity of the temple will be destroyed. Hindus do not expect this act to be regarded as a crime in a BJP ruled state.

Dehradun (Uttarakhand) – Posters proclaiming that “This premises is a holy place for Hindus. Entry of non-Hindus is restricted here,” have been put up by Hindu Yuva Vahini in over 150 temples here. The organization informed that after this ‘there is a plan to put such posters in other temples of the state’. The police registered a case against Jeetu Randhawa, the general secretary of this organization, whose phone number was mentioned on the banner. While taking action against this the police started removing these posters and detained some people in this matter. (It is to be Noted here that the police, who hesitates to remove illegal loud speakers from mosques, who abandon Hindus during the riots, who themselves get thrashed by these fanatics, show their valor on Hindus. – Editor)

  1. The state president of the Hindu Yuva Vahini, Govind Wadhwa warned that, “If any non-Hindu attempts to enter the temple, they will be thrashed and handed over to the police”. He also said that, ‘the temple is a place of devotion for the Sanatan Dharmis. What work do people of other religions have here? Whatever we are doing, we are doing to protect our Dharma’.
  2. The Congress on the other hand called it a well-planned strategy. ‘In the last 4 years, nothing special has been done by the BJP Government.They come up with issues like Shri Ram, torn jeans etc. to distract the public’s attention from their shortcomings. When elections arrive, the BJP remembers  Shri Ram, Hindu-Muslims, India-Pakistan etc.’ (Congress leader Rahul Gandhi feels the need to go to temples during elections, Hindus are well aware of this. – Editor)