Trinamool Congress MLA’s assets grow from merely 1 lakh to a whopping 41 lakh in just 5 years!

This magical meteoric rise in assets is a common occurrence in Indian politics. In fact the Indian voter would be shocked if it were not to happen in case of a politician ! In order to stop such ‘magic’ it is essential to have a state system based on Righteousness!

Kolkata (Bengal) – The assets of Trinamool Congress candidate and sitting MLA Jyotsna Mandi have increased by an eye-watering 1985.68%, according to a report released by poll rights group Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR). As per the affidavit filed by Mandi with the Election Commission, her total assets grew from Rs 1,96,633 in 2016 to Rs 41,01,144 in 2021, an increase of Rs 39,04,511.

Trinamool Congress MLA Jyotsna Mandi

The West Bengal Election Watch and the ADR have conducted a joint survey of the affidavits of the 30 candidates contesting the first phase of assembly elections in West Bengal to be held on March 27. Among other such contestants, the assets of Sudip Kumar Mukherjee, who won the Purulia assembly seat on Congress ticket in 2016 and has now joined the BJP, increased by 288.86 per cent. Mukherjee’s declared net worth five years ago was Rs 11,57,945, and now it is Rs 45,02,782 in 2021. It has been revealed that there has been a large increase in the assets of several contestants.