If the population control law is not implemented, our existence and that of the country will be in danger : Ashwini Upadhyay, Advocate, Supreme Court

Online Special Interaction on the ‘Need for a law to prevent population explosion’

Mumbai – “If the Government does not legislate strict laws to curb India’s uncontrolled and massive population growth, no matter how much funds the Government spends or brings in to implement good schemes for food, clothing, shelter, education, health, employment, etc. for its citizens, the objectives will not be achieved because by the time these schemes are implemented, the population would have increased. China and other countries that became independent after India are on their way to becoming world superpowers. Even after 74 years, we are still fighting poverty. Even basic necessities such as food to make both ends meet, electricity, water and roads have not been provided in the country. If this continues, our very existence and that of our country will be threatened. Therefore, the Government should first legislate and implement the law ‘Hum Do Humare Do’ (We 2 ours 2) in the country”, demanded Supreme Court Advocate Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay. Adv. Upadhyay has also filed a PIL in the Supreme Court on population control.

Adv. Upadhyay was speaking on the ‘Need of law to prevent population explosion’ in the ‘Sanatan Samvad’ programme organised by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS). Mr. Satish Kochrekar of HJS interacted with Adv. Upadhyay. The event was viewed live by 23,911 people on Facebook and YouTube.

Adv. Upadhyay added, ìIn 2019, there were 125 crore Aadhaar card-holders in India, but the actual population of India was over 150 crore because 20% people do not have Aadhaar card. Although 70,000 babies are born every day in India, 20% of births take place outside hospitals. Also, due to population growth, congestion is increasing in all areas. No matter how many new roads, highways are built, the number of vehicles will keep increasing. This has led to increase in air and noise pollution, and health problems.

Asked why the rulers have not made efforts to control the population so far, Adv. Upadhyay said that the rulers only craved to be in power. The people have never been informed about the real problems of the country.

“The rulers are accustomed to providing only free housing, electricity, water and other incentives. Addiction to this, ‘doles’, has deprived the people of the ability to think. This is the betrayal of the country by the rulers. Why is the population control law not implemented even though the Constitution has a clear provision for it ? Now the people should come forward and ask their representatives about this. Voices should be raised for this law. Even if 1% people in Delhi agitate like the farmers did, the law will come into force in a day”, said Adv. Upadhyay.