Effect of Chinese army withdrawing its army troops from Pangong Lake!

India to clear Chinese investments ?

China is not trustworthy and hence it is necessary to be extremely stringent and build pressure by passing an embargo on all its products. Patriots feel that it would be suicidal to approve Chinese investments instead of giving them the boot! 

New Delhi – After the increased tensions between India and China due to the clashes in the Galwan Valley, India had cancelled contracts given to Chinese companies. Also, after the Chinese army infiltrated Indian territory near Pangong Lake, many Chinese apps were banned. Moreover, restrictions were placed on investments by Chinese companies in India. Now after several discussions, China has withdrawn its army from Pangong Lake. Reuters reported that sources claim the Indian Government is now prepared to consent to investments by Chinese companies again. It has reported that nearly 45 Chinese investment proposals will be accepted. Companies such as Great Wall Motors and S.A.I.C. – Motor Corp. are also included in this.

According to this news, 150 proposals worth nearly 2 billion dollars (14 thousand 844 crores rupees) are in the works between the two countries. The majority of these proposals are related to consumer products. It is reported that they are not related to matters of national security.