God declared ‘dead’ in Uttar Pradesh to grab temple land

Deputy Chief Minister orders an inquiry

This incident shows that moral values in India ​​have waned.  As Hindus do not get education on Dharma nowadays, they do not know that they have to sacrifice everything unto God to be blissful. So they indulge in immoral activities for materialistic happiness. Education on Dharma will be imparted to all in the Hindu Rashtra.

Such incidents give the state governments an opportunity to take over the temples and control them.

If the government is not alert in punishing the culprits for such heinous acts, the government and administration will be declared dead by the culprits in future to usurp the government land. 

 Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) – In an unusual incident, land  belonging to the temple of Lord Krishna-Ram in Kushmaura Haluvapur village in the Mohanlalganj area of Lucknow was grabbed by fraudsters after claiming that the God is dead. The matter, that had started 25 years ago, came to light in 2016, when Sushil Kumar Tripathi, the original trustee of the temple complained to the Deputy Tehsildar (The complaint was filed in 2016, came to light in 2021. This shows how (in)efficiently the administration operates.) The Deputy CM Dinesh Sharma has ordered SDM Prafulla Tripathi to investigate the matter. (God only knows how many years this investigation will last. – Editor, Sanatan Prabhat) 


This temple, which is more than 100 years old, owns 7300 square meters of land. It is run by the Krishna-Ram Trust. Doctored documents mention one Gaya Prasad as the father of Lord Krishna-Ram.

In 1987, Lord Krishna-Ram was declared dead and the land held by the trust was transferred to Gaya Prasad. Gaya Prasad was declared dead in 1991 making his brothers Ramnath and Haridwar legal owners of Krishna-Ram Trust. This fraud came to light when the original trustee filed a complaint.