France takes on Islamist Fundamentalism with new bill

Mosques and Madarasas will be regulated

Jihadi France, where Jihadi terrorist attacks could be counted on the fi ngertips, tries to enact laws to control jihadi extremism. Such laws have not been passed in
India even after 74 years of Independence, where fundamentalists attack Hindus every day. In the name of secularism, India remains passive in controlling radicals.

Paris – A bill has been introduced in the French Parliament to control Islamic fundamentalism. Among the other provisions, the bill bans forced marriages and polygamy and regulates mosques and madrasas. These laws were enacted to combat the increasing fundamentalist violence in the country.

 (Refrence: WION)

The wide-ranging bill, titled “Supporting respect for the principles of the Republic,” covers most aspects of French life. The bill also contains a section termed the ‘Paty Law’, after French teacher Samuel Paty. Paty was beheaded by a religious fundamentalist for discussing Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons on Prophet Muhammad in his class.

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, said that such laws were required to protect French values ​​of secularism and equality (India and so-called secularists in India should note that France is enacting laws to ensure secularism – Editor, Sanatan Prabhat)

Muslims in France feel that this law can control their religious freedom. It can also be used to target muslims. However, the bill does not mention either Islam or Muslims by name. Detractors of the bill also claim that current laws are sufficient to control terrorist activities, so there is no need for new laws. Far right parties have called the bill ‘too weak’ and proposed stronger measures to tackle Islamic fundamentalism.