Congress MLA in Kerala alleges he was cheated by RSS to donate for Ram Mandir Tenders apology to Muslims if their religious sentiments are hurt

MLA Eldhose Kunnappilly should tell Hindus how the religious sentiments of Muslims get hurt by making donations for the construction of Ram Temple. Such a behaviour by Congress displays its hatred for Hindus only.

Do the non-Muslims attending Iftar parties by wearing round caps ever tender apology of Hindus for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus ?

Kochi (Kerala) – Congress MLA Eldhose Kunnappilly claims that he donated money to RSS for the construction of Ram Mandir by getting cheated. The photo showing MLA holding a card with the image of a building along with three men was widely shared in the social media. However, the MLA came out stating that he was misled by the RSS and that he donated money thinking it is for some other temple. Hitting out at the RSS and the right-wing, Eldhose Kunnappily who represents the Perumbavoor constituency said that he was deeply hurt by the turn of events. Out of my innocence, I gave them RS 1,000 as I normally give, for some temples” the MLA said in a Facebook video. (The Ram Temple will surely be constructed in Ayodhya due to the devotion of devout Hindus and devotees fo Shriram. For that Hindus do not need money from Congress leaders such as MLA Eldhose Kunnappilly. – Editor) ‘Very soon they began to spread that it was for Ram Mandir construction’, he said.

I’m a secular person and it’s disheartening that they fooled me, he added (A new definition of secularism has been coined by Congress that a person who donates money for Hindu Temple is no more a secularist. Whereas if donates to a mosque or church, he is a true secularist. – Editor) “You (RSS) should engage in politics ethically,” said the MLA. (People very much know how much moralilty is possessed by those who expect ethical behaviour from RSS. – Editor) In the video, he also apologized to the Muslim community if the news has in any way hurt their sentiments. “I express my grief over this RSS propaganda if that has in any way hurt religious sentiments of some communities,” he said.