On the 21st anniversary of Hindi fortnightly ‘Sanatan Prabhat’, expansive propagation of Dharma through (hashtag)#21YearsOfSanatanPrabhat!

Mumbai – On the occasion of Hindi fortnightly ‘Sanatan Prabhat`s 21st anniversary, an online celebration was held by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti in their online event called ‘Dharmasamvad’ on 16th January. And on 17th January #21YearsOfSanatanPrabhat was trending on Twitter. This trend was initiated by readers of Sanatan Prabhat, well-wishers, pro-Hindu, and righteous groups.

Fifteen thousand tweets were made on Twitter. These tweets were about Sanatan Prabhat’s unique features, purpose, its mission towards the protection of the Nation and Dharma, praises received from Saints, etc, were circulated. Through this trend, the concept of Hindu Nation was propagated across lakhs of Hindus. Also, social media accounts of Sanatan Prabhat on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Daily hunt, etc.  were circulated. An appeal was made to subscribe to Sanatan Prabhat periodicals.