Priest who assured of dead woman’s resurrection arrested

Had asked the dead woman’s relatives to keep the body in the house for 20 days


Annai Indra Women Police

Dindigul (Tamil Nadu) – A priest Sudarshanam and another woman have been arrested by the police. The priest had told to keep the dead body of woman in the house itself for 20 days saying ‘she is only sleeping and will have a rebirth’.

A 38 year old policewoman by name Annai Indra had passed away. A priest, Sudarshanam told Indra’s children, ‘Your mother has not died, but is only sleeping. If you wake her up, she will not be resurrected’. As the dead body was kept in the house itself a bad odour started emitting which prompted the neighbours to alert the police. The police then began the their investigations and discovered the death.