Put Farm Laws on hold or we will put a stay on it – SC raps Centre over farmer protests

New Delhi – The Supreme Court came down heavily on the central government while hearing a petition filed regarding the ongoing farm protests,. SC said that it will not entertain the government’s excuse  that it was started by another government. ‘How are you dealing with the issue? We haven’t received a single petition praising the farm laws. The court is not an expert regarding the farmers; however, will you pause the execution of farm laws or should we take the steps? We want to appoint a committee for the issue, till then the government should put the laws on hold or else we will have to put a stay on it’, the SC said.

The court also raised concerns – ‘Situation is becoming worse day by day. People are protesting out in the cold and are dying. What arrangements are being made for food?’ Petitions regarding scrapping the protest as well as staying the farm laws have been filed in the SC.

The govt. could have said – ‘Laws won’t be implemented till the issue is addressed’!

The court further said that, ‘We don’t understand why women and aged people are being placed on the protest site. We are not experts. We are not asking to scrap the laws. We just want to know how the situation will be handled. Will communication address the issue? The govt. could have paused the implementation of laws till the issue is addressed. We don’t understand whether the government is part of the problem or the solution?’