Shri. Pattabhiraman Prabhakaran, a seeker from Chennai, becomes Sanatan’s 105th Vyashti Saint

H.H. Pattabhiraman Prabhakaran

Chennai – Shri. Pattabhiraman Prabh-akaran (Age 76), Sanatan Sanstha’s seeker, has immense humility, less ego, intense yearning for satseva and a lot of bhav even in old age.

He has attained Sainthood. He is Sanatan Sanstha’s 105th Vyashti Saint. H.H. (Mrs.) Uma Ravichandran announced this on 10th December in an ‘Online’ satsang.

Even in the current adverse times caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale has blessed the seekers as in the form of H.H. Pattabhiraman Prabhakaran. The seekers attending the ‘Online’ satsang felt immense gratitude.

This ‘Online’ satsang was also graced by the auspicious presence of Sanatan’s Shrichitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil.