Declare Nepal a ‘Hindu Nation’ : Thousands protest on Kathmandu streets

Kathmandu (Nepal) – In a pre-organised and well-advertised rally on 5th December, thousands of protesters took to the streets holding national flags in the capital of Nepal demanding reinstatement of the constitutional Monarchy and declaration of Nepal as a ‘Hindu Nation’, as per a news agency.

The massive rally on 5th December witnessed the people chanting slogans in favour of the Hindu Monarchy and cited that their demand is valid for the sake of the country’s national unity and well-being of the people.

The massive rally came after a series of similar protests in October demanding for a constitutional Monarchy. Protesters were seen carrying placards bearing a photo of Prithivi Narayan Shah, the founding father of modern Nepal along with national flags.

On 10th November, a group under the banner of ‘Nationalist Civic Society’ staged a demonstration in Jamal area of Kathmandu, for these demands. Two days later, a group named ‘Nepal Scholar Council’ held a demonstration in Biratnagar with the same demands.

The demonstration on 5th December was held under the banner of ‘Rashtriya Nagarik Andolan Samiti 2077’ (National Civic Movement Committee 2020). Similar protest was planned by ‘Rashtriya Prajatantra Party’ in the Jhapa, hometown of incumbent Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli in support of Monarchy.

Keshav Bahadur Basnet, President of ‘Rashtriya Shakti Nepal’ has warned of tearing the present Constitution. Further, he said, “We have three main objectives which include establishing a constitutional Monarchy, declaring Nepal a ‘Hindu Nation’ and putting an end to Communism. The underlying reason for these objectives is that people are divided and the Nation is being put into danger. It is becoming difficult to save the common man. The current leaders are repeatedly looting the country”.