In most cases, girls get into consensual relationship but complain of rape if relationship goes bad ! – Kirnamayee Nayak

Indian women were considered models of sanctity, decency and morality; however the degenerate nature of modern Indian women is indicative of the moral rot in the society! This is an outcome of successive Governments not preaching Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) to the society !  

Raipur (Chattisgarh) – In most cases girls get into a consensual relationship, and later blame the men of rape if the relationship goes bad, remarked Chhattisgarh State Women Commission Chairperson Kirnamayee Nayak while addressing journalists here.

 Kirnamayee Nayak added,

  1. In most cases girls file a rape FIR even after they went into live-in relationship consensually. I appeal to women and girls that they should first understand the relationship. If you are into such kind of relationship then the aftermath will be detrimental.
  2. If a married person is having extramarital affair with a girl then the girl should see if that person is going to help her survive or not? However when the relationship deteriorates, the girls approach the Police.
  3. I would advise minor girls not to fall into trap of love. Your entire family, friends and your own life will be destroyed. These days, there is a new trend that people prefer to get married at the age of 18.  When the couple has kids in a few years, they both find it difficult to live together.
  4. The Commission aims to settle domestic disputes as far as possible. We often admonish and advise the men and women and convince them to stay together. Counselling is the only solution.