Datta Jayanti (29th December) importance

Deity Dattatreya was born on Margashirsha Pournima (Full Moon Day in the Hindu month of Margashirsha) in the evening. This day is celebrated as a festival by worshippers of Deity Datta.


In ancient times, demonical energies in the subtle and visible forms had increased tremendously on the earth. They were called ‘Daityas’ (Demons). All the attempts of various Deities to destroy them went in vain. Therefore, on Deity Brahma’s orders, Deity Datta had to incarnate at various places in different forms. The demons were then destroyed. Hence, this day is celebrated as ‘Datta Jayanti’.

Importance of Datta Principle

Datta Principle is active 1,000 times more on this day on the earth. Worship of the Deity Datta and chanting His Name helps obtain the benefit of increased Datta Principle in the atmosphere.

How to celebrate the birthday of Datta ?

There are no specific rituals mentioned in the Scriptures to celebrate His birthday. Usually, the Holy book ‘Gurucharitra’ is read for 7 days before the day of celebration. These 7 days are called ‘Gurucharitra Saptaha’ (Saptaha denotes a week). The forms of worship like bhajans (Singing Holy songs), pujan (Worshiping the Deity with specific rituals) and especially kirtan (Discourse with devotional songs in between) are popular. The special places of Shreekshetra Audumbar, Narsobachiwadi, Ganagapur, etc. in Maharashtra, where Deity Datta is predominantly worshipped, have special importance during the festival of Datta Jayanti. There is also a tradition to celebrate Datta Jayanti in Tamil Nadu.

(Ref.: Sanatan’s Holy text – ‘Datta’)

Some prayers to be made to Shri Datta

1. O’ Dattatreya ! The way you made 24 Gurus, let the same quality of picking up virtues from everyone be inculcated in me !

2. O’ Dattatreya ! Protect me from the distress caused by my unsatisfied ancestors. Let Your protective sheath be around me always.

(Ref.: Sanatan’s Text – ‘Prayer’)