Turkey planning to send terrorists from Syria to Kashmir to assist Pakistan! – Greek journalist’s report

This is the consequence of not erasing Pakistan. It is the need of the hour to demolish Pakistan before it receives such aid from other Islamic countries.

Athens (Greece) – Greek journalist Andreas Mountzouralias has stated in his report that Turkish President Erdogan is planning to send jihadi terrorists from Syria to Kashmir in a bid to assist Pakistan. The report further states that Turkey has had talks with some of the terrorist organisations in Syria for the cause. Turkey has supported Pakistan on the Kashmir issue right from the beginning. Turkey had earlier sent jihadi terrorists to aid Islamic country Azerbaijan in the latter’s war with Armenia.

  1.  Mountzouralias has said in a column published in Greek news portal ‘Pentapostagma’ that Abu Emsa, the head of the brigade ‘Suleiman Shah’, a gang that joined the Syrian National Army Militia, recently told its members in Afrin that the Turkish state wishes to interfere in matters of Kashmir. Turkey openly supports Suleiman Shah brigade.
  2.  Abu Emsa has claimed that the Turkish authorities are in talks with other gangs too and have also demanded to reveal the names of those who will enter Kashmir. Terrorist entering Kashmir will be rewarded $2000 (Rs. 1,47,500).
  3. Journalist Mountzouralias further writes that Turkey and Pakistan are aiming to seize a rival territory by extending their mutual defense ties. Pakistan’s fighter jets went to Turkey recently for defense exercises. Turkey is trying to capture Greek territory with Pakistan’s assistance, in exchange of which, they are assisting Pakistan by planning to send terrorists in Kashmir.