Covid will persist in 2021! – Psychiatrist Nicolas Aujula predicts

New Delhi – A 35-year old psychiatrist who predicted coronavirus pandemic in 2018, Nicolas Aujula, has predicted that the impact of the virus will continue to persist in 2021.

Nicolas’s predictions for 2021

  1. Next year, another disease named ‘Pig flu’ will spread worldwide. This flu, generated from pigs, will prove to be troublesome for the world even though it won’t be contagious.
  2. The 2021 will witness opposition, unrest and protests on large scale in the world resulting into the chaotic environment. This situation will remain for 2 to 3 years.
  3. I can see mass exodus in pursuit of a happy life. That is, many places will witness mass transit.
  4. British Minister Rishi Sunak may resign.
  5. Hollywood fame Tom Cruise’s health may deteriorate, perhaps with heart-related disorder.
  6. Nicolas said that he can visualize British Prince Harry’s wife Megan revealing secrets about the royal family.
  7. While predicting the assassination of a mass leader, Nicolas didn’t mention the name.