Austria to shut down mosques that promote radicalism

Vienna jihadi terrorist attack case

Process to close down 2 mosques completed

A small nation like Austria takes action to uproot jihadi terrorism after just one terrorist attack; while India, a country facing terrorism for 3 decades, has failed to act due to the vicious policies like ‘pseudo!-secularism’ and ‘minority appeasement’. The only way to transform India is by declaring it as the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ !

Vienna (Austria) – The Government of Austria has begun to take harsh steps against the mosques that preach radicalism, after the terrorist attack that occurred in the capital city of Vienna on 2nd November. The authorities have shut down two mosques so far.

The ‘Tawhid Mosque’ in Ottakring town and the ‘Melit Ibrahim Mosque’ came under heavy investigation after it was noticed that the slain 20-year old terrorist Kujtim Fejzulai used to visit them. Apparently, these mosques preached radicalism and were frequently visited by the radical elements, due to which authorities decided to shut them down.

Karl Nehammer, Interior Minister of Austria, told that the Government will further order the closure of mosques that preached Islamic fundamentalism and posed threat to the national security.

The terrorist attack that rocked Vienna on 2nd November had claimed four lives and left several others injured. The Islamic State (IS) has claimed the responsibility for this attack.

In the aftermath of terrorist attack, 15 suspects were arrested; out of which, 7 are booked and 4 are declared as convicts under the charges of terrorism.