Indian Army suffers from stress : Every year 1,600 soldiers and officers die


Since the entire society (including the Army) is not taught spiritual practice, they cannot enjoy the pure pleasures of life; they get entangled in short-lived possessions, which adversely affect their lives. In the ‘Hindu Rashtra (Satyayug within the Kaliyug)’, every citizen will be taught spiritual practice and how to perform it. This will not create stress and everyone will enjoy Bliss.

New Delhi – In September 2020, six Colonels died of heart attack. They were barely 40-45 years old. In the last few years, the Indian Army has lost increasing numbers of soldiers and officers to various diseases. One report states that every year 1,600 soldiers and officers are lost due to various ailments. Stress is said to be the major cause underlying these deaths.
In this regard, a report on officers within 30-40 year age group has come to light. It states –
1. 87% of officers said, “We cannot take leave due to our work load”.
2. 73% of officers claimed, “Even if we manage to go on leave, we are called back”.
3. 63% of officers said, “Our married life gets affected due to stress”.
4. 85% of officers claimed, ‘Even during lunch, we have to answer phone calls’.
The study reveals, nearly 79% stated, “We have to be very alert to avoid mistakes. It is our responsibility. This creates tension”.