Hindus oppose TN Govt bid to ‘acquire’ land belonging to Ardhanareeswara temple

Strong opposition of Hindu Munnani

  • Can any State Government dare to acquire land of Wakf Board ? What else can be expected from the AIDMK which committed reckless act of arresting Shankaracharya under false charges ?
  • Since Hindus are tolerant, their temples have been usurped right from Mughals to all party Governments. To change this situation, establish the Hindu Rashtra (Nation)

Chennai –  The Hindu Munnani on 26th October alleged that the authorities intended to acquire 35 acres of land belonging to Sri Ardhanareeswara temple in Kallakurichi District for building a collectorate complex for the newly carved out Kallakurichi District in Tamil Nadu. Hindu Munnani strongly opposed the move.

Rather than showing concern about the state of ruin of the Veera Cholapuram Sri Ardhanareeswara temple, the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department (HRCED) has placed advertisements in newspapers about the intended sale of that shrine’s land.

According to the advertisement, Rs 1.98 crore has been fixed as the price for 35 acres owned by the Shiva temple. Even according to the government”s guidelines, 35 acre land should fetch about Rs 100 crore and fixing a value of Rs 1.98 crore is “fraud and an illegal move,”. It is illegal for the government to take up construction activities in the site which is yet to become the property of the government. This is condemnable”, Hindu Munnani spokesperson alleged.

He also urged the people to protest against the endowment department”s bid to sell the land belonging to the centuries-old temple.

Devout Hindus protest through Twitter trend

Devout Hindus have started a trend to oppose the Government move under hashtag #TN-GOVT_Looting_Temples. Within a short time, it was on 4th place on national trend and more than 25,000 Hindus expressed their opposition by tweeting.