Armenia and Azerbaijan at war

       Death toll over 52,000 in 20 days

Baku (Azerbaijan) – War-torn Armenia and Azerbaijan witnessed the death of more than 52,000 citizens in the last 20 days. Azerbaijan has the support of armies of Turkestan, Pakistan, and the terrorists of Islamic State. Russia, France, and Serbia extended the support to Armenia. America agreed to support Armenia. Now it is heading towards World War. The Armenian army is continuously pounding Azerbaijan with missiles. On their targets are the armies of Azerbaijan and Turkestan, and Ganza city. The military forces are attacking the civil population in other nearby cities.

The losses of Azerbaijan

The Armenian army destroyed 505 drones, 86 helicopters, and 38 fighter jets. Besides, the Armenian forces destroyed 513 special security vans and 83 rocket launchers. Until now, Azerbaijan lost 14,700 soldiers. These dead soldiers include the soldiers of Turkestan and terrorists from Syria.

Armenian damage

The joint forces of Turkestan and Azerbaijan destroyed 1,080 tanks, 789 Artillery guns, and 589 special security vans, till now. They devastated 96 air defence systems, shot down 715 drones, destroyed 92 helicopters. Armenia lost 17,800 soldiers and 10,000 civilians .