Flipkart tenders apology for saying Nagaland is outside India

  • An offence should be registered against the foreign establishments which make such statements and the concerned should be imprisoned!
  • Why is the Government not talking about such incidents which are assaulting national integrity ? Patriots expect that a severe action should be taken against such foreign establishments which are sowing the seeds of division in India by doing business on the support from the crores of Indians !

New Delhi – Flipkart, an online retail trader which said that Nagaland is an outside part of India, has apologised to Indians after the protest by the people. Flipkart said, “The mistake happened due to carelessness”.

One person posted on Flipkart’s Facebook page ‘Why doesn’t Flipkart sell materials in Nagaland ? It is the State of India. “Flipkart should treat all States equally,” the post said. To which Flipkart replied, ‘It is admirable that you want to buy material from us; however, our vendors do not serve outside India’. It apologised when the people objected.