The whole world is in crisis because of Islam ! : French President Emmanuel Macron

Do the rulers of other countries also think the way President of France does or not, they should speak about this subject openly !

Paris (France) – “A religion (Islam) is in crisis all over the world today. We must fight Islamic fundamentalists”, said French President Emmanuel Macron in a speech, as was reported by AFP. Macron had previously called Islam ‘radical and hateful’.

As per a report from France24, “French president said Islam was in crisis due to “an extreme hardening” of positions. He announced the government would present a draft law in December aimed at strengthening secularism in France, against what he described as “Islamist separatism” in the country.”

“Islam in France must be freed from foreign influence,” he said, promising improved oversight of the financing of mosques.

The country also has the largest population of Muslims in Western Europe. Many complain the authorities use secularism to specifically target them, for instance in banning the hijab.

There are currently 60 to 65 million Muslims in France. A few months ago, Macron banned foreign Imams from entering France. “We are against Islamic fundamentalism. Imams in France must learn the local French language. They must obey the laws here”, Macron said.