Mathura Court moved on Shrikrishna Janmabhoomi

As per historical facts, the cruel and fanatical Hindu-hating Islamic invaders demolished thousands of Hindu temples and built mosques in their place. Yet, the Governments so far have done nothing to return the land to Hindus in the past 73 years since Independence. On the contrary, the Government enacted legislation to ensure that Hindus do not get the lands back.

The Government should ensure that this case is heard by a Fast-track Court and make efforts to give Shrikrushna Janmabhoomi back to the Hindus.

It is a matter of shame that Hindus have to file such a petition for their just rights in a Hindu-majority country. ‘Hindu Rashtra’ is essential for the Hindus to live with pride.

New Delhi – Shrikrishna Virajman filed a civil suit in a Mathura Court on 25th September seeking ownership over entire 13.37 acres of Shrikrishna Janmabhoomi land and removal of Shahi Idgah Masjid. The plaintiff is described as ‘Bhagwan Shrikrushna Virajman at Katra Keshav Dev Khewat, Mauja Mathura Bazaar City’ who moved the civil suit through next friend of Deity, Ranjana Agnihotri and accompanied by six other devotees.

After filing the suit, Advocates Hari Shankar Jain and Vishnu Shankar Jain said, “This suit is being filed for removal of encroachment and superstructure illegally raised by Committee of Management of alleged Trust Masjid Idgah with the consent of Sunni Central Board of Waqf on land Khewat No. 255 at Katra Keshav Dev, city Mathura belonging to Deity Shrikrishna”.

After giving the disputed land to Hindus for construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya on 9th November 2019, the SC had shut the door for fresh litigation to alter status quo of sites such as those in Kashi and Mathura, which have also seen discord over worship.

Mindful of the bar imposed by the 1991 law, a Hindu group through Adv. Vishnu Shankar Jain has already challenged the validity of the legislation so far as it bars Hindu Deities from reclaiming the land which belonged to it and on which temples existed before their demolition by Muslim rulers. But, the SC in Ayodhya case had said that Courts cannot correct historical wrongs.

Quoting historian Jadu Nath Sarkar, the plaintiffs said, “In 1669-70, Aurangzeb partly demolished Shrikrushna Temple at His birthplace at Katra Keshavdev, erected a structure and termed it Idgah Mosque. A hundred years later, Marathas won the battle of Govardhan and became the rulers of the entire area of Agra and Mathura. Marathas restored and renovated the birthplace Temple of Shrikrishna after removing the so-called structure of the mosque”.

The suit stated that Marathas declared the land of Agra and Mathura as Nazul land and the British continued treating it in the same manner after annexing Mathura in 1803. In 1815, British auctioned the 13.37 acres of land, which was purchased by Raja Patnimal of Banaras, who became the owner of the land. In 1921, a civil Court had dismissed a suit by Muslims laying claim over the land.

In February 1944, heirs of Raja Patnimal sold the land to Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya, Goswami Ganesh Dutt and Bhiken Lalji Aattrey for Rs. 13,400, which was paid by Jugal Kishore Birla. He created a Trust in March 1951 specifically mentioning that the entire 13.37 acres of land will vest in the Trust and it will construct a glorious temple.