Democratic Party has ‘Hinduphobia’ and even its leaders are silent on it ! – Allegations of ‘Hindu American Foundation’

The Presidential election in the United States

There is no doubt that Hindus have been humiliated by the Democratic Party. To win the elections, all parties try to appease the minority communities The Democratic Party is also trying similarly. Hindus should think about how much the Democratic Party will help Hindus after winning elections.

Washington (USA) – In the last few years, hatred and contempt (Hinduphobia) toward Hindus have increased in the Democratic Party. The Hindu American Foundation has alleged that even the leaders of the Democratic Party have remained silent on this issue. The Foundation has signalled its support for the Republican Party if Democratic Party does not clarify its role on Hinduphobic line in the November presidential election. The votes of minorities and other communities are considered important in this election. The number of Hindu voters in America will be decisive. Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, and Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, are competing to win over Hindu voters. The majority of Hindu voters in the United States were in favour of the Democratic Party. In the meantime, the devout Hindu organisation has alleged that ‘Hinduphobia’ has increased in the Democratic Party, and therefore, this party is likely to suffer the consequences.

  1. The Hindu American Foundation said on social media that Hindu voters were moving away from the Democratic Party. After discussing with them, the real reason behind it is coming to the fore. A group in the Democratic Party is spreading hatred against Hindus; however, the party leaders are keeping a studied silence on this. Tulsi Gabbard, the first Hindu MP, Srinivas Kulkarni, a Democratic candidate from Texas, and Padma Kuppa, who belongs to the Democratic Party have also faced Hinduphobia.
  2. There are about 2 million Hindu voters in America. Joe Biden has launched a campaign called ‘Hindu Americans for Biden’. Biden has promised to address the issue of injustice and discrimination against the Hindu community.