“If there is a war today, India will be defeated!” – Empty threat by China

China, which is itching to fight a war, should be shown its place by the Indian Government by replying it in a language it can understand

Beijing(China) – ‘India has no chance of winning the ongoing border dispute. India will be defeated if war breaks out today’, the Chinese state-run newspaper Global Times said in an editorial. Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh made it clear to China at a meeting of the two countries’ Defence Ministers in Moscow. After that, US President Donald Trump expressed readiness to mediate the Indo-China border issue. Since then, the Global Times has used the language of direct war.

“We are reminding India of China’s power,” the Global Times editorial said. It also includes the strength of the army. China has more military power than India. (War is fought not on the basis of military strength, but morale. In this regard, Indian soldiers are better than those of China. – Editor ) ‘Both India and China are superpowers; however, if war breaks out, India will lose. If there is a war on the border, India has no chance of winning. However, the current situation needs to be resolved so that peace can be established’, said the newspaper.