A garbage vehicle used for Ganesh idol immersion in Jabalpur

The vehicle was stopped by Hindus

It is a matter of sorrow that in a Hindu majority country like India, the Government machinery involves in such incidents of showing disrespect to Hindu Gods. The question arises, “Does the administration dares to show disrespect towards beliefs of other religions?”

Pro-Hindu agitating at Jabalpur

Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) – The local Municipal administration is using the garbage vehicle for the purpose of Ganesh idol immersion. The Hindu organisations have opposed to this and stopped the vehicles. This information was received by devout Hindu Vikas Khare. He passed on this information to Pandit Amir Khampariya of Hindu Mahasabha and Yogesh Agarwal of Hindu Dharma Sena. All of these along with other members of Hindu organisations like Sudhir Nayak and Anand Mohan Pathak sat before the vehicle and stopped it.

On this occasion, Pandit Amir Khampariya had said that, “As per Hindu religious beliefs, the Ganesh idol immersion should be done using banana leaves, flower garlands, etc., and the idol should be transported to the place of immersion in a clean vehicle”. Yogesh Agarwal has said that, “We will not tolerate disrespect to Ganesh Idols. We will pressurise the administration to follow the principles followed in Sanatana Dharma, and we will not allow any sort of act opposing the Hindu religious sentiments”. The devout Hindus who were present on the occasion were Arjun Namdev, Ankit Srivastav, Neeraj Rajput, Sudhakar Misra, Babool Pandaa.