Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay conducts novel spiritual research

Mr. Ashish Sawant using the ‘UAS’ instrument

Scientific research conducted by Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay using Universal Aura Scanner (UAS)

Many positive changes taking place in the pinda for the ancestors upon performing Shraddha ritual during the Pitrupaksha

Mrs. Nandini Samant

The young generation of the present scientific age has misconceptions about the Shraddha ritual (A special ritual performed for the departed ancestors). They consider it unscientific and unrealistic presentation of Karmakanda (Spiritual practice of rites, rituals and observances). People who do not believe in ritualistic worship or Shraddha-paksha or those who believe that only social work is superior, say that instead of performing Shraddha for ancestors, we will donate food to the poor or help some school.

The Indian culture says that just as we care for our parents and our loved ones when they are alive, we have a duty towards them even after their death. The Shraddha ritual gives us an opportunity to fulfil this duty and thus, repay the debt unto the ancestors. To scientifically study what is the effect on the pinda (Balls of rice used in the Shraddha ritual) during the Shraddha ritual during Pitrupaksha, an experiment was conducted on 27.9.2018 in Sanatan’s Ashram at Ramnathi, Goa, by Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay (MAV) using Universal Aura Scanner (UAS). The nature of this experiment, the readings and their analysis are given ahead.

1. Nature of the experiment : UAS readings of the pindas used in the Shraddha ritual were recorded before and after the ritual. A comparative study was done.

2. What is a pinda ?

Pindas are smooth balls of the size of lemons made by mixing sesame water, vada and kheer (A liquidy sweet dish) with cooked rice and kneading them together, so that they do not break or crack. It is customary to make slightly larger pindas for the triad of ancestors. This custom is a symbol of gratitude. The Scriptures say that small portions of the food cooked on this day should be incorporated into the pinda.’ (Reference : Sanatan’s Spiritual text – ‘Importance of Shraddha and its underlying Science’)

Note for the readers : Due to space constraints, introduction to the UAS device, components of the experiment through the device and their description, measuring the aura of the component, method of testing and precautionary measures taken to ensure uniformity in the experiment are given on the Sanatan Sanstha’s website – Some letters in this link are capitalized.

3. Readings and their analysis

3A. Analysis of the records pertaining to negative energy – Complete absence of negative energy in the pinda : The negative energies (Infrared and Ultraviolet) were not found in the pinda before or after the Shraddha ritual.

3B. Analysis of the records pertaining to positive energy

3B 1. Large amount positive energy present in the pindas even before the Shraddha ritual increased further after the ritual : Not all people, premises or objects necessarily have positive energy. There was positive energy in the pindas even before commencing the Shraddha ritual. This was indicated by the arms of the UA scanner opening 1800 during the reading taken before commencing the Shraddha ritual. Hence, we were able to measure the aura of the positive energy in the pinda. It was 1.7 metres. The aura of the positive energy in the pinda measured 2 metres after the Shraddha ritual, showing an increase of 0.3 metres.

3C. Analysis of the readings pertaining to the total aura

3C 1. Increase in the total aura of the pinda after the Shraddha ritual : The total aura for an average individual or an object is approximately 1 metre. The total aura for the pinda before the Shraddha ritual was 2.60 metres. This means that it was much more than that of an average object. The total aura of the pinda after the Shraddha ritual measured 3.6 metres, indicating an increase of 1 metre.

Spiritual analysis of all the above mentioned points is given in Point 4.

4. Spiritual analysis of the recorded reading

4A. Importance of Pindadan (Offering of pindas) during the Shraddha ritual : Pindadan carries a lot of importance in the Shraddha ritual. Pindas are made of cooked rice. When the rice is cooked, the Raja component in it increases. It becomes easier for a subtle-body to enter the environment around this Raja predominant pinda. Thus, the subtle body benefits from the environment charged with the recitation of mantras and obtains subtle strength, making it easier for the subtle-body to gain further momentum.

(Ref. : Sanatan’s Spiritual text – ‘Spiritual science underlying the rituals performed during Shraddha’)

4B. As a result of the Shraddha ritual, a protective sheath develops around the subtle-body of the pitar (Deceased ancestor) which helps it in gaining further momentum : The waves generated through the mantras recited during the Shraddha, blessings of Brahmans, goodwill of relatives, Pindadan and other such ritualistic worship yield extraordinary results, which cannot be explained logically. Shraddha creates a protective sheath around the subtle-body of the pitar which helps it in gaining further momentum. These rituals provide benefits in the Hell region, the Nether region, the region of pitars and Heaven.

4C. If Mahalaya shraddha is performed for the pitars during this fortnight, they remain satisfied throughout the year, and the family members get their blessings too.

(Ref.: Sanatan’s Spiritual text – ‘Importance of Shraddha and its underlying science’)

4D. Positive energy and total measured aura of pindas increasing due to the blessings of ancestors obtained after performing the Shraddha ritual : An increase in the aura of positive energy and the total measured aura of the pindas was observed in the readings of the pindas taken after performing the Shraddha ritual. This means that the pindas were charged with positive energy due to the Shraddha ritual. The readings before the Shraddha ritual were taken at 3.50 p.m. and those after the ritual were taken at 8.15 p.m. In the interim four and half hours, the pindas had become stale. Pindas are made of cooked rice. Fresh food is sattvik. As the food becomes stale, the sattvikata in it decreases. So, it was expected that after four and half hours, the positive energy and the aura of the pinda would reduce. On the contrary, the increase in the positive energy and aura in the pinda indicates a positive effect of the Shraddha ritual on the pindas. The positive effect observed on the pindas was due to the Shraddha rituals performed and the blessings obtained from the ancestors.

4E. Other components that assist in making the Shraddha ritual effective

1. Shraddha was performed in the sattvik environment of the Sanatan Ashram.

2. The priest performing the Shraddha ritual, Shri. Damodar Vaze Guruji, performs regular spiritual practice and is at the spiritual level of 61%.

Note – Importance of 61% spiritual level : If it is assumed that the spiritual level of God is 100% and that of an inanimate object is 1%, then the spiritual level of an average human being in today’s times is 20%. An individual at this spiritual level thinks only about his own happiness-sorrow. He has nothing to do with the society and his line of thinking is – ‘I do everything’. When the spiritual level reaches 30%, the individual begins to accept God’s existence to a little extent and starts performing spiritual practice and seva. When the attraction to Maya (Worldly life) and Spirituality is the same, the individual reaches the spiritual level of 50%. When the spiritual level reaches 60%, the individual begins to detach himself from Maya. Dissolution of his mind commences and he can imbibe the thoughts from the Universal Mind. After death, such an individual is freed from the bondage of life-death and gets a place in Maharlok (The fourth higher positive subtle region of the Universe).

– Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

3. The host of the Shraddha ritual, Mr. Aditya Kaskar, is a full-time seeker of Sanatan. Hence, the Shraddha ritual was performed with bhav (Spiritual emotion) by him.

From all the above points, it is observed that there is increase in the aura of positive energy and the total measured aura of the pinda after the Shraddha ritual. This scientific experiment proves that the Shraddha ritual is not fabricated but has an underlying spiritual science.

– Dr. (Mrs.) Nandini Samant, Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay, Goa. (2.10.2018)

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