Threatening calls received by Rakshat Shetti, Chief Editor of Karnataka’s Kannada News Channel ‘Digvijay’ !

Threatening calls in the case of Bengaluru riots case if the names of SDPI and PFI are mentioned. Gauri Lankesh’s, example has been cited who has been murdered !

  • Why are the pseudo-secular journalists such as Rajdeep Sardesai, Ravish Kumar, Barkha Dutt, etc. maintaining silence in spite of threatening calls received by co-journalist from religious fanatics ! 
  • In the wake of threats by SDPI and PFI citing the example of Gauri Lankesh, the fact of involvement of the above two organisations cannot be overlooked in the murder ! The harassment of some Hindu organisations in the Gauri Lankesh case by the Police administration should now focus on this angle ! 
  • The fact that News Channel’s journalist has received threats because they mentioned the names of the two organizations, should be criticised strongly ! The responsibility lies on the Karnataka’s BJP Government to provide security to patriotic journalists ! 

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Chief Editor of Kannada’s New Channel ‘Digvijay’ Rakshat Shetti has received threatening phone calls from overseas because of the news published in the wake of Bengaluru riots. An unknown person has threatened Shetti over phone that Shetti would meet the same fate as Gauri Lankesh, if he mentions the names of the two organisations, ‘Social Democratic Front of India’ and ‘Popular Front of India’s in the news. SDFI and some Congress leaders are accused of instigating the Bengaluru riots. The channel ‘Digvijay’ has broadcast news regarding the riots. The threatening calls were a consequence of the news. Some articles have been written in social media threatening Rakshat Shetti.