Kamala offered one hundred and eight coconuts in prayers at Varasiddhi Vidyanagar temple in Chennai. These offerings and prayers made her win elections until now.

Kamala’s aunty revealed the secret of victories in elections, until now.

Do Atheists, pseudo-intellectuals, and modernists have any comments about this incident ?

Kamala Harris

Washington (USA) – Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party, for next general elections in the US, Joe Biden selected Kamala Harris as a candidate for Vice President. Sarala Gopalan, aunty of Kamala Harris revealed the mystery of her victories in all elections until now, in an interview.

Sarala Gopalan said, ‘When Kamala contested election for the California Attorney General, she asked me to offer coconuts in the temple and pray of my victory. I offered 108 coconuts and prayers for her success. She won the election and conveyed over the phone that due to the offerings and prayers she could win the election. Later, when Kamala contested election for Senator, I offered 108 coconuts and prayed in the temple. She won the election and became a Senator. Now Kamala will contest the election of the Vice President. I will offer one thousand and eight coconuts and prayers in this temple for her victory in the Vice Presidential election, coming soon.

If she wins the election, Kamala Harris will be the first woman Vice President of the US. However, the public perception is that she is anti-India.