Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Leftists distorted Indian history – Opines Ex-CBI Chief Nageshwar Rao

Whitewashed the history of bloodshed by invader Muslims

  • The claim by Rao is not wrong. During the rule of Congress and other progressive rulers, Hindus were never taught the history of their bravery, their great culture. Similarly, by hiding the history of Islamic invasion, Hindus were taught how great was Akbar. The bravery of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Rana Pratap, etc. was hidden. Even today, the situation exists to some extent.
  •  Will the Government take steps to initiate stringent action against those who misled the young generation by distorting history.
  •  The people have a lot of expectations from a popular officers like Rao. He should also clarify why he took so much time to disclose such important information.
M. Nageshwar Rao

New Delhi – Former interim CBI director and serving IPS officer, M Nageswara Rao, claimed on Twitter on 25th July that Indian history had been “distorted” with the “whitewashing” of “bloody Islamic invasions/rule” and named previous Education Ministers who “were in charge of Indian mind space” for 20 “out of 30 years (1947-77)”.

After naming “Maulana Abul Kalam Azad — 11 years (1947-58)”; “Humayun Kabir, M C Chagla & Fakruddin Ali Ahmed — 4 years (1963-67)”; and, “Nurul Hassan — 5 years (1972-77)”, Rao posted: “Remaining 10 years other Leftists like VKRV Rao.”

Subsequently, Rao posted : “Are we true to our National Motto Satyamev Jayate = Truth alone Triumphs? Mostly NO. Contrarily, we tell blatant lies in the name of political correctness, which we learn early in our education that teaches us bundles of lies. No wonder we are a Nation of Hypocrites, not Triumphers.”

These lines were part of a series of four slides that Rao posted along with a tweet that started with the line, “Story of Project Abrahamisation of Hindu Civilization”.

He listed six points below:

1. Deny Hindus their knowledge.

2.Vilify Hinduism as a collection of superstitions.

3. Abrahamise Education.

4. Abrahamise Media & Entertainment.

5. Shame Hindus about their identity.

6. Bereft of glue of Hinduism, Hindu society dies.