Nepal’s PM Oli receives bribe in crores of rupees from China ! – Claim of Global Watch Analysis report

Rs 41.34 crore deposited in Swiss bank

  • It is clear through this why Oli opposes India consistently while siding with China. Hindus in Nepal should now remove such corrupt leaders !
  • Note that communist leaders teaching communism to the world are also corrupt like other leaders !

New York (US) – Global Watch Analysis has claimed in one of its reports that Nepal’s Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli receives bribe in crores of rupees from China.

The report further states,

  1. Oli’s wealth is increasing rapidly in the last few years. He has bought various assets in other countries as well. China spent money for these as well. In return, Oli has granted permission to China’s many business schemes in Nepal.
  2. Oli has invested Rs 41.34 crores in the form of long-term deposits and shares in his account in Mirabaud Bank in Geneva, Switzerland. He and his wife Radhika Shakya get annual profit of about Rs 1.87 crores as well.
  3. Oli had invested in Cambodia’s telecommunications sector in his first term in 2015-16. He was then assisted by Wu Chuntai, the Chinese Ambassador to Nepal. Businessman Ang Shering Sherpa, close to Oli played an important role in this deal. Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen had also helped in the deal.
  4. Keeping rules aside, in December 2018, Oli had signed a contract with Chinese company Huawei to create a digital action room.
  5. In May 2019, Nepal Telecommunication Department tied up with a Hong Kong Chinese company to create a radio access network. A deal has also been signed with Chinese company JTE to install 4G network in this year.

Corruption from Oli Govt. in 621 crore worth COVID-19 kits procured from China

In the month of June, Nepal procured protective gears and other instruments worth Rs. 621 crores for COVID-19 tests. Though expensive, most of these instruments failed in quality. Students in Nepal had protested against this claiming that there is an appropriation in this. The Advisor of Health Minister of Nepal and Oli’s is still being investigated.