Indian newspapers, websites not accessible in China before the ban on Apps in India

China is ahead of India by 2 days. To teach a lesson to China, it would be appropriate to impose a ban on all Chinese imports.

Beijing (China) – Amid ongoing border tension between China and India following the standoff on 15th June, Indian newspapers and websites are not accessible in China from many days now. Though Chinese newspapers and websites continue to be accessible in India, people in China can only access the Indian media websites with Virtual Private Network (VPN) server. (Now, the Indian Government should ban Chinese newspapers and websites. – Editor)

(Courtesy: Cobrapost)

China has one of the strongest Online censorships in the world. It is known to heavily regulate and censor domestic internet usage and actively block any websites or links that are seen as going against the narrative of the Communist party. However, Chinese citizens could gather true information due to Indian media.