‘Balochistan Liberation Army’ attacks Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi

5 Policemen and 4 attackers dead

Karachi (Pakistan) – In an attack by the ‘Balochistan Liberation Army’ soldiers here on the ‘Stock Exchange’ (Share Market), 5 security personnel including a Police Sub-Inspector and 4 Balochi soldiers have been killed. Pakistan called it a ‘terrorist attack’. ‘Balochistan Liberation Army’ has claimed responsibility for the attack. It is an armed organisation of Baluchis who are fighting for Balochistan’s freedom from Pakistan. This organisation opposes the atrocities committed by Pakistan on the Baluchi people.

The Baluchi soldiers opened indiscriminate fire and lobbed grenades at the main gate of the Stock Exchange building, as they tried to storm in. Police and security personnel deployed for security at that time were injured. They died on arrival at the hospital. People trapped in the building at the time of attack were taken out of the back door. Police killed all the four soldiers who carried out the attack. Currently, this area has been sealed as a security measure.