China may attack the Indian Army with biological weapons : Indian Intel agencies

New Delhi – China may attack India with biological weapons, Indian Intelligence agencies gathered this information and conveyed it to the Government. International pressure may prevent China from carrying out a direct attack, but it may strike with biological weapons through other countries inimical to India and the terrorist organisations.

Recently, the Indian Army destroyed a Pakistani drone that was carrying arms for terrorists. China may use similar tactics for biological invasion. “It is difficult to receive advance notice about such attacks”, said a military officer. “China may disregard international conventions & use biological weapons”. Officers of the DRDO laboratory at Gwalior, which researches the safeguard procedures for the chemical and biological attacks stated, “Indian Army has the necessary equipment and material to defend these attacks. Various DRDO labs manufacture special clothing, masks and other material for protection from nuclear, chemical and biological warfare. We train our Army to use them”.

‘First, we collect information on the viruses used for attacks and devise a plan to neutralize it’, said DRDO Spokesperson. DRDO developed a special process, and it is used by the ‘National Security Guards’ and ‘Special Protection Guards.