Indian soldiers strangled 18 Chinese soldiers

Intelligence received about the skirmish on 15th June

Chinese soldiers are no match to Indian soldiers. The Government should realise this and take a hard stance against China.

New Delhi – In the fight on the 15th June night in the Galwan valley, the prowess of Indian soldiers was evident. Intelligence about this skirmish is available now. Chinese soldiers attacked the commanding officer of the Indian army, Colonel B. Santosh Babu. He sacrificed life in the attack. This enraged the Bihar Regiment, and they strangled 18 Chinese soldiers, one by one. An English newspaper citing the sources reported this. ‘Indian soldiers broke the neck of Chinese soldiers with their heads wobbling. Their faces were not recognisable, said an Army officer.

Indian soldiers grabbed the Chinese one by one and beat them to death  

Chinese outnumbered Indian soldiers at the time of the attack. This incident was relayed to other Indian platoons. Indian ‘Rapid Action Force’ reached the site. There were only 60 soldiers in this group. They managed to kill a few Chinese soldiers. The Chinese were carrying iron rods and swords. Indian soldiers snatched these and used them against Chinese soldiers. Realising the fury of the Bihar Regiment, Chinese soldiers ran and hid in the valley. Indian soldiers chased, grabbed and beat them to death.

(Courtesy : eurasiantimes )

Indian soldiers captured Chinese Colonel

According to military sources, ‘In this fight, Indian soldiers captured a Chinese Colonel. More than 50 Chinese soldiers may have died in the skirmish.’