Inculcate Swadeshi (Indigenous Products)

Imbibe national pride by rejecting foreign slavery !

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently announced the launch of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ (Self-reliant India Campaign). Under this, he has laid special emphasis on the aspect of using ‘locally manufactured’, meaning, ‘indigenous’ products. On this backdrop, we are printing a series of articles, which reveal the true nature of foreign corporate houses and the importance of using indigenous products. This will awaken national pride in everyone besides promoting indigenous products, and the country will once again become self-reliant in the true sense!

India being looted by foreign companies !

The annual profit of the East India Company which reached an Indian port with 50,000 Pounds reached 60 crore Pounds in a short period. Today, about 6,000 multinational companies are operating in India. The annual turnover of one-fourth of these companies is more than the annual budget of India. One East India Company literally plundered India and enslaved it. The idea of what thousands of companies will do now is frightening. Hindustan Lever, which arrived with Rs. 24 lakh as capital, has an annual profit of around Rs. 250 crore, while Colgate, which brought in only Rs. 1.5 lakh as capital, has an annual profit of Rs. 77 crore.

Is there a need for foreign companies to produce soft drinks, potato chips, tea, toys, salt, etc. ? The ‘Hathi Commission’ published a list of 117 essential medicines; however, 84,000 types of useless drugs are being made in our country and sold at exorbitant prices. The production cost of Paracetamol tablets is Rs. 35 per kg. while they are sold in the market at Rs. 500 per kg. ‘Horlicks’, ‘Boost’, ‘Bournvita’, ‘Maltova’, ‘Cerelac’, etc. contain the essence of gram and linseed. Although both these items are cheaper, these companies sell them at Rs. 200 per kg. We also buy them falling prey to their flashy and glamorous advertisements !

What can be said about soft drinks of various popular brands available in the market ? Their production value is Rs. 2.10 per litre. We buy it for 35-40 Rupees. The carbon gas in these drinks is harmful for the body. These also contain a large quantity of pesticides.

In 1,08,000 villages of India, people and animals drink water from the same lake. Half of India is experiencing water scarcity. However, these companies are pumping out thousands of litres of water to make soft drinks. This is something to worry about. Coke and Pepsi companies are spread across 175 countries. The top brass of these companies are retired CIA operatives. They have even assassinated Ministers, leaders and Presidents in many countries to protect the interests of the company. These companies have caused chaos in Cuba, Namibia, Sudan, Morocco, Jordan, Nigeria, Ethiopia and many other countries.

– Dr. Sachchidanand Suresh Shevade (National Pravachankar, Dombivali, District Thane, Maharashtra.)

(Ref.: Rashtrajagar, Pages 137, 138, 139)

(The rates given in this article are for 2014, and today the prices of goods have gone up. Therefore, the profits to thousands of foreign establishments in India run into crores of Rupees. To keep Indian wealth in the country itself, it is necessary to inculcate Swadeshi (Indigenous goods).

6,000 multinational companies are operating in India. Annual turnover of 1/4th of these companies is more than the annual budget of India !