Police demolish Hindu temple in Tamil Nadu following objections by Muslims

All this is the result of appeasement policies of successive Governments.

Tenskasi (Tamil Nadu) – In a shocking incident, the Kattuppasathy Madasamy Temple in Sammenkulam village here was destroyed by the local Police, following a complaint by the radical Islamists in the area. The temple, built on a privately owned Patta land, was revered by the Nadar community.

The community which is primarily into business and agriculture occupation would conduct Pujas and celebrate religious festivals annually at the temple. But, in the Muslim-dominated Tenskasi District, the Hindus have been at the receiving end of the apathy of the Police, administration, and the facade of communal harmony.

As per locals, radical extremists from Popular Front of India (PFI), Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) and other Muslim organisations objected to the temple’s renovation work. They claimed that it affected the privacy of Muslim women living in the vicinity. After taking cognizance of the matter, the District administration and the Police bulldozed the temple without following due process. Meanwhile, the protests by the Hindus fell on deaf ears.

Pacchaimaal, the son of village head Subbaiah Nadar, had complained about the matter to the District Magistrate. Reportedly, there are 160 Hindu Nadars in the village but they are outnumbered by the Muslims. He said that his community members were illiterate and worked in the agricultural sector for a living.

Pacchaimaal said that they had a forest Deity temple and would change the earthen base with a new one in the month of Chitrai.