On Gurupournima, donate wealth for the mission of serving Dharma and benefit from the Guru Principle !

Gurupournima is on 5th July. The day to express gratitude to the Guru is unforgettable for a disciple. On this day, the blessings of the Guru and the knowledge beyond words emitting from Him are a thousand times more than usual. Seekers and disciples who perform Guruseva and sacrifice wealth benefit from the Guru Principle a thousand times more !

1. Importance of the Guru in a disciple’s life : Guru is the sagun (Materialised) form of nirgun (Non-materialised) God active on earth. The Guru continuously strives hard for the spiritual progress of His disciple by bestowing knowledge upon him. Therefore, the disciple has no alternative to his Guru. For a disciple, true Gurudakshina (Offering in cash or kind unto the Guru) would be to serve the Guru by offering everything to Him. As a result, Gurukrupa (Guru’s grace) will flow continuously towards the disciple.

2. On the Gurupournima day, donate for the mission of the Guru, meaning, the mission of serving Dharma : On the Gurupournima day, everyone has the opportunity to express gratitude unto the Guru by making utmost sacrifice of the body, mind and wealth. Therefore, spiritually curious people and well-wishers should obtain the benefit of Gurupournima at the spiritual level by participating in the mission of propagating Dharma and donating wealth for this.

In the present times, when Dharma is facing lethargy, partici-pating in the mission of propagating Dharma would be the supreme donation. Donating wealth for this mission, which is being performed by Saints, institutions and organisations, is essential as per the times. Sanatan Sanstha has been conducting this mission selflessly for many years now. Any donation to Sanatan Sanstha will certainly be used for the mission of serving Dharma.

Those desirous of donating wealth on the day of Gurupournima may

Please contact : Mrs. Bhagyashri Sawant on

Mobile : 7058885610

E-mail : [email protected]

To donate from home :

– Mr. Virendra Marathe, Managing Trustee, Sanatan Sanstha