ISIS applauds Tablighi Jamaat for spreading COVID-19 in India

Threats to avenge from Delhi Police who tortured Muslims !

Calls for COVID-19 infected Muslims to spread the virus to the Police and non-Muslims.

  • Will the so-called secularists and progressives of the country now oppose it ? Or will they support them by remaining silent ?
  • It is necessary for the Indian Government to teach ISIS a lesson for provoking the extremists against India !

New Delhi – The ISIS periodical has praised the Tablighi Jamaat for being the COVID-19 super spreader across the country after the Tablighi Jamaat event held at Nizamuddin Markaz in Delhi. A special issue has been published by this magazine to commemorate the lockdown. It has also praised Maulana Mohammad Saad Kandhalvi, the head of Tablighi Jamaat. This news has been provided by the news channel Times Now.

 Key points and provocative statements in this periodical !

1.The periodical names Maulana Saad, his followers and Nizamuddin Markaz, and appreciates them for being the COVID-19 super spreader.

2.The Delhi Police target Muslims and torture them. ISIS will not tolerate this and we are coming to India to rescue them.

3.The periodical also states that the Delhi Police administration has acted maliciously by arresting students of Jamia Millia Islamia University in the case of Delhi riots and asks Muslims to avenge the arrests.

4.The periodical asks Muslims to become COVID-19 carriers and spread the virus against non-believers and amongst cops deployed in lockdown. It is the right opportunity to show the worth of those who do not believe in Islam. It further asks Muslims to initiate jihad during the lockdown and use it as an opportunity against the Government.

5.It promotes a ‘lone wolf attack’ (method of attack by a single person with knife, gun, vehicle, etc.) during the lockdown. Usage of knives, petrol bombs, belts, ropes, etc. for genocide in India.