3 minor Hindu girls abducted and forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan

 Forced to marry Muslims.

  •  How come no International Human Rights Commission see the injustice, abductions, conversions and rape of minority Hindus in Pakistan ?
  •  Will the Central Government try to save the Hindu minorities who are suffering like hell in Pakistan ?

Islamabad (Pakistan) – In the Sindh province of Pakistan, 3 minor Hindu girls were kidnapped, converted to Islam and married to Muslim men, tweeted Advocate Rahat Austin.

1. The first incident took place in Tando Muhammad Khan District located in the South region of Sindh province. A Muslim youth kidnapped a minor Hindu girl, converted her to Islam and thereafter, married her against her wish.

2. The second incident also took place in the same District. A Muslim youth kidnapped a 15-year-old Hindu girl using a weapon. Thereafter, the Maulvi forcefully converted her and got her married to a Muslim youth.

3. The third incident took place in Mirpur Khas in Sindh. An armed Muslim youth kidnapped a minor Hindu girl. The father of the girl had lodged a complaint against this. The accused threatened the girl’s father that ‘if you try to take your girl back, we will kill her; because according to Islam, death penalty is given if you leave Islam after accepting it.’

Every year 1,000 girls are abducted and converted in Sindh !

The Sindhi Foundation of America has reported that every year, 1,000 Hindu girls are abducted and forced to convert in the Sindh province. These girls are in the age group of 12 to 28. After kidnapping, the Maulvi marries off these Hindu girls to Muslim men.