Assam : Vegetable vendor Sanatan lynched by Faizul Ali, 4 others       

Where are secularists and ‘Award returning’ gang now who criticise Hindus by terming them intolerant ?

If such an incident had happened in case of any Muslim, that too involving other communities, it would have proved to be international ‘breaking news’. The entire gang of Communists, secularists and progressives would have attacked Hindus simultaneously. 

Guwahati (Assam) – In a horrific incident, one vegetable vendor Sanatan Deka was beaten to death in Assam by 5 people after a minor incident. The gruesome murder happened in Manahkuchi near Hajo in Assam, where Sanatan Deka was fatally assaulted by one Faizul Ali and his friends.

According to a report, Sanatan Deka from Teteliya villages used to work as a labourer in a factory, but as the factory had shut down due to the lockdown, he had taken to selling vegetables on his bicycle to combat the financial difficulties.

While roaming on the streets of Hajo selling vegetables, Sanatan’s bicycle accidentally hit a bike where two persons Faizul Ali and Lajlil Ali were travelling. This angered Faizul and Lajlil, and they started beating Deka. They also argued with him over selling vegetables in the area. They were so infuriated by the minor dent on their vehicle that they called more people to join the beating. Accordingly, three more persons, Shabir Ali, Yusub Ali and Firzahan Ali arrived at the spot and joined the assault on the man.

After gravely injuring Sanatan Deka, the culprits left the spot. Soon people in the area admitted him in the local hospital. But he succumbed to his injuries within an hour of being admitted. Reportedly, Faizul Ali is the brother of an AGP leader. Hajo Police have registered a case in the matter and started a probe. The Police have also launched a search for the culprits.