Sadguru 108 Baltapasvi Shivacharya Nirvanarudra Pashupatinath Maharaj  murdered in Naagthana Budruk (Nanded District)

Accused arrested

Maharashtra, which is known as a land of Saints and Sages, is now witnessing a blood bath of Sadhus tarnishing its reputation !

The Government needs to take tough action against the accused to prevent such gruesome incidents !

Nanded (Maharashtra) – Sadguru 108 Baltapasvi Shivacharya Nirvanarudra Pashupatinath Maharaj was robbed and strangled to death in his Math (ashram) on the night of 23rd May at around 1:30 a.m.  by 2 thieves. Also, body of a person named Bhagwan Shinde was found in the bathroom. Accused Sainath Lingade has been arrested from Telangana.

The gruesome murder of 2 Sadhus (Seers) and their driver in Palghar is still fresh. Thereafter, incidents of killings and fatal attacks on Sadhus across the States and country is being condemned at all levels.

Villagers and devotees have said, ‘The accused tried to run away in Sadguru’s car, when the neighbours woke up, the murderers fled.’ Anger is being expressed by the devotees and villagers after this incident and they have promulgated that they will not accept the body till the Police  arrest the accused.

It has come to light that the accused has a criminal background and he used to have meals at the Annachhatra run by the Ashram.

Protesting on roads is the only option for the unabated killings of Saints ! – Local citizen

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Local citizens have said that the invaluable contribution of Sadguru 108 Baltapasvi Shivacharya Nirvanarudra Pashupatinath Maharaj in the field of Dharma awakening can never be forgotten. The Police should look after this matter with seriousness and punish the accused harshly, otherwise, the only option left with the Hindus will be to protest on road