Chinese companies invested Rs. 6,200 crore in Pakistan and earned a profit of Rs. 4 lakh crore

It is evident that China constructed the Economic Corridor in Pakistan to take its control and bring down its economy.

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Chinese corporations provided finance of Rs. 6,200 crore to Pakistan and made a profit of Rs. 4 lakh crores. Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan, appointed a committee to study increasing electricity charges in the country. The committee ‘Power Sector Audit Commission, Circular Debt Reservation and Future Road Map’ submitted a 278 – page report. This summary revealed the corruption of Chinese companies in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

1. Irregularities in the Power Generation Sector cost Pakistan Rs.1,000 crore. Out of this 33% losses are from Chinese projects.

2. Pakistan army is directly involved in the CPEC project. This has toned down the audit report on Chinese projects. Retd. Lt.Gen. Asim Salim Bajwa is the Chairman of CPEC Authority and he is also the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Information and Broadcasting.