Nepalese Army fired in the air to disperse Indian farmers !

Due to the support from China, Nepal continues to try one-upmanship with India these days. On realising this, the Indian Government should keep these counties in check now !

Kathmandu (Nepal) – Indian farmers were trying to cross the border to harvest their fields at the Indo-Nepal border but falling in Nepal. Nepalese soldiers then fired in the air. This incident took place in the Jhapa District on 16th May. The District is adjacent to the border of the Bihar State.

The District Magistrate of Jhapa, Uday Bahadur Ranamagar said, “Almost 150 Indian farmers have taken fields on lease and they do farming there. These farmers were trying to go to these fields even during the lockdown; therefore, the soldiers fired in the air to disperse them. Later, the farmers returned”.