Google to offer economic assistance to small and medium newspapers, paralysed by the lockdown

Mumbai – Worldwide lockdown has impaired the economy due to which small and big organisations are facing difficulties. Newspaper industry too is suffering. Google has stepped in to help them. The economic assistance will be for small and medium newspapers. Google has called for applications. This was informed by Google’s Vice President Richard. Google will provide this support through the ‘Google News Initiative‘. Google created a ‘Journalism Relief Fund’ for this. However, the exact amount was not disclosed.

Applications for the support to be submitted to Google within two weeks. Last date of submission is 29th May. Application can be submitted online on the ‘‘ website. Google formulated eligibility rules about the qualifications for the publishers who can apply for this, as follows.

1. Publishers with 2 to 100 full -time reporters.

2. News publication should be in the digital domain for 12 months or more

3. Publishers with more than 100 reporters are also eligible.