Shirdi Trust pays the salaries of employees from its term deposits, the Tirupati Temple considering the same !

Consequences of lack of donations to the temples due to lockdown !

Such situation has occurred because the State Governments took over the Hindu temples and taken all the donated money. Devout Hindus should unite and raise their voice lawfully against the Government take over of Hindu temples.

New Delhi – Hindu temples are closed due to the lockdown across the nation due to the outbreak of COVID-19, hence, the donations have also stopped. It is affecting the temples meet their expenses, thus they are bearing the expenses from their own savings.

1. Shri Vaishno Devi Temple Trust is now considering the option of online donations.

2. Shri Saibaba Temple of Shirdi has received online donations worth ₹2.5 crores. Wages of 6,000 employees are being paid from encash the term deposits of the temple for the month of April. ₹2,500 crore is present in the bank as term deposits.

3. The total expenses of Shri Tirupati Temple including the wages of 22,000 employees, temple maintenance and security is estimated  to be approximately ₹110 crore per month. The temple is now considering to encash its term deposits and gold to raise money.

4. There is a downfall of 90% donations in the last 2 months of Shree SiddhiVinayak Temple in Mumbai. An estimated 150 employees work here. Their wages and the maintenance of the temple costs around Rupees 6 to 7 crore per month.