A church in Australia was fined $ 1,50,000 for falsely advertising cure for coronavirus

If such an advertisement had been issued by any temple or Ayurvedic doctor, the so-called seculars and progressives would have attacked them fiercely.

Sydney (Australia) – The church “Genesis 11 Church of Health and Healing” from Australia had advertised to cure coronavirus by using miraculous fluid/drug called ‘Chlorine Dioxide’

‘Therapeutic Goods Administration’ a drug regulatory body has imposed a fine of $ 1,50,000 on the church for giving false advertisement claiming to cure coronavirus. A notice is sent to the church about the fine. There is no scientific evidence about the authenticity of the products the church was selling. ‘Therapeutic Goods Administration’ told that nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea could be experienced after the intake of the fluid.