Hugli (Bengal), witnessed violence, by religious fanatics, for the last 3 days

Religious fanatics engage in violence for 3 days, in Hugli (Bengal)

Rampant use of crude, local bombs.

Section 144 enforced.

Does law and order exist in Bengal?

Since last 3 days religious fanatics are making violent attacks in a particular area, is the TMC Government asleep ? Is it wrong to say that the people carrying out violence are religious fanatics, hence, their affectionate TMC government is ignorant/turning a blind eye.

Hugli (Bengal) – Religious fanatics carried out violence on 10th, 11th and 12th May in Telinipara area. The police arrested 36 persons and imposed Section 144. It has come to light that the violence erupted over a dispute on Corona virus.

Previously, in Urdu Bazar area, religious fanatics carried out violence. This spread into many areas. Local and crude bombs were used inordinately and there was arson in the area. Inordinate use of local bombs and arson was witnessed. A heavy contingent of Police force has been deployed in the area. Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee ordered Police to take action against responsible persons.

1. When the BJP MP Loket Chatterjee visited the area after the incident, Police took him to a Police station on the pretext of discussion and sent him back to Kolkata. (How the Police will behave with common man, if they act in this manner with the MP ? – Editor)

2. Speaking about this violent incident, MP Loket Chatterjee said, ” TMC awarded corona lockdown concessions to a particular religious community. These people rushed into the homes and shops attacked and looted the innocents.