Wear sattvik jewellery on the nose and obtain benefits at the spiritual level

In this series of articles, we have been presenting sattvik jewellery to be worn from the head to the toe so as to obtain (Chaitanya) Divine consciousness. Wearing sattvik jewellery is a part of spiritualisation (as explained in the earlier articles) of our life. So far, we have presented jewellery to adorn the hair and ears. In this article, we will present sattvik jewellery to be worn on the nose.

1. Spiritual benefits of wearing sattvik jewellery on the nose

A. The nostrils are gateways to the Pranashakti (Vital energy) necessary for the body. It is through the voids of the nostrils that air charged with Pranashakti is inhaled and impure gases from the body are exhaled, thus continuously purifying the body.

B. By piercing the left nostril and wearing sattvik (Spiritually pure) jewellery, Divine waves associated with the Tejtattva (Absolute Fire Principle) imbibed by the sattvik jewellery removes the impurity in the nostril. Thus, the act of imbibing air charged with Pranashakti and discharging impure gases in the body can take place continuously and easily.

C. The body of a woman is inherently Raja-predominant. This is why, if the voids of the nostrils get charged with Raja-Tama components, distressing energy could be imbibed through them. Sattvik jewellery helps to avoid this and maintain the purity of these voids.

2. Types of sattvik jewellery for the nose

2A. Nose studs

This is the most common nose jewellery worn by women in all age groups. Upon wearing a nose stud made of sattvik metal and sattvik design, the Tejtattva inherent in it exerts pressure on a specific point on the nose. Due to this pressure, the opposite nostril is activated to the optimum level. The details of what actually happens in the subtle dimension (that which is beyond the perception of the five senses, mind and intellect) can be understood from the following subtle picture. This has been drawn by a seeker who has an advanced sixth sense.

It is apparent from the above subtle picture that by wearing a sattvik nose stud, the woman benefits from Shakti (Divine Energy), Chaitanya and Anand (Bliss).

2B. Nose ring

This form of nose jewellery is also quite prevalent, especially in young women. To understand the effect at the spiritual level of wearing a nose ring, let us first understand the effect of circular jewellery.

2B 1. Subtle effect of circular jewellery : Circular jewellery is associated with the Vayutattva (Absolute Air Principle). When we wear such jewellery, due to its contact, Shakti is absorbed in a greater proportion or its emission is prevented. For example, when a ring is worn on a finger, its contact puts pressure on the base of that finger and Shakti associated with that finger is activated and retained.

2B 2. Subtle effect of wearing a nose ring : The nostril is a form of void. Void is associated with the Akashtattva (Absolute Ether Principle), the highest among the 5 Absolute Cosmic Principles. The nose ring touches the nose at various points. This creates an obstacle at the subtle level to the Pranashakti flow through the nostril.

A. Due to the constant touch of a small nose ring with the nostril, a subtle barrier is created in the flow of Shakti. As a result, it revolves in a circular manner in the same place and is not available to the Pranashakti flow system.

B. In contrast, upon wearing a bigger ring, either the Chaitanya inhaled while breathing is emitted back into the environment or more Shakti affects the nostril because of the void of the ring. In this way, there are obstacles in the normal functioning of the void of the nostril.

Thus, wearing a nose ring jewellery (that is associated with Vayutattva) results in reduction of the effectiveness of the void. Hence, from the spiritual perspective, it is not advisable to wear a nose ring.

2C. Nose ring with a chain
In some places, especially during weddings, a nose ring with a chain is worn. Here the ring is big in size and is attached to the hair with a plain gold chain or a chain studded with stones or pearls. The big size of the ring attracts Shakti in a greater proportion to the bride. If she does not have the capacity to bear this Shakti, she can suffer physical and mental distress such as reduction in Pranashakti, instability of mind, increased body consciousness, etc.
Such rings are used especially in North Indian weddings. In North India, generally the weddings take place at night. At night, subtle negative energies are more active in the environment. The bride’s Pranashakti gets drained in fighting these negative energies. To avoid this, an inferior remedy of wearing a big nose ring was devised. Wearing this ring with a chain provides protection to the extent of 3 to 5 per cent. Instead, wearing a sattvik ‘nath’ made of pearls and chanting God’s Name while participating in the wedding gives 40 per cent benefit.

2D. Nath made of pearls

A sattvik nath made of pearls is highly benficial as explained ahead.

A. The mango-seed-like shape of the nath is associated with the Tej form of Shakti. Upon wearing a sattvik nath, air entering the woman’s nostril is touched by the Tej emitting from the nath. This purifies her body.

B. Due to sattvikata and Chaitanya in the nath, an aura of Chaitanya is created around the nose. This aura purifies the atmosphere around the nose. Hence, pure air can enter the body of the woman who has worn a nath.

C. Nath worn on the left nostril reduces the activity of the Ida or Chandranadi (Moon channel) of the Kundalini system and activates the Pingala or Suryanadi (Sun Channel) of the woman. As a result, the body of the woman becomes more conducive to absorbing Chaitanya from the environment and Divine waves are easily absorbed in large quantities.

D. The Suryanadi nurtures the Tejtattva. When it is active in a woman during inhalation-exhalation, innumerable subtle radiant particles enter her body and spread in the external environment. Due to the gold wire of the nath, these particles are absorbed and emitted into the external environment through the round part of the nath. This aids in creation of a sheath of Tej around her, which wards off subtle negative energies.

The following subtle picture depicts the subtle process.

It is apparent from the above subtle picture that wearing a nath made of pearls bestows the benefit of Chaitanya, Devi Principle and Shakti upon the women.

3. Nose piercings

Nowadays, piercing the nose at various places has become a popular trend worldwide. We will present the specific subtle effect of piercing the nose at the various positions in our coming Issue. This will help the readers to decide for themselves which is the most favourable site of piercing the nose.

– Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale (Founder, Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay) and Dr. (Mrs.) Nandini Samant (Member of research team, Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay, Goa.)

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