Anarchy of Palghar


Maharashtra has got a great tradition of Saints, who have emancipated themselves and taught members of society how to emancipate themselves by performing spiritual practice. Therefore, Saints are still respected in Maharashtra; however, this tradition of Maharashtra received a setback on 16th April.  Giri Ji and theiSwami Sushil Giri Ji, Swami Kalpavrikshar driver Nilesh Telgade were beaten to death by a mob of more than 200 at Gadchinchale village in Dahanu Taluka of Palghar District, Maharashtra.

Swami Sushil Giri Ji, Swami Kalpavriksha Giri Ji were Saints of ‘Shri Pancha Dashnam Juna Akhara’. This Akhara belongs to Naga Sadhus. The contribution of Naga Sadhus for the protection of Sanatan Hindu Dharma is well-known. In 1664, Naga Sadhus defeated Aurangzeb in a fierce battle. Maharashtra is ashamed that a mob killed Sadhus who sacrificed everything for the protection of Hindu Dharma. The hands that should have served and sought blessings of the Saints and Sadhus resorted to killing them with weapons, sticks and stones !

The ‘Ovis’ (Verses in praises of God) and ‘Abhangs’ (Hymns) elucidating the great works of Saints and Sages are still recited in Maharashtra, and humility before Saints is taught to society. It is enraging that the Saints and Sadhus are being killed in that very Maharashtra State today.

What was the fault of these Sadhus ? They were on their way to attend the last rites of their Guru who taught them spiritual practice. The Guru has a unique place in the life of any disciple. They were travelling to pay their last respects to their Guru after He renounced His body. They were carrying cash so that there should not be any problem in performing the last rites. In such a situation, it was demonic to kill these Sadhus by terming them ‘child-lifters’ without verifying facts.

A Saint is the sagun (Materialised) form of God. Just as killing a Brahman is a sinful act that begets sins, the same sins are accrued by killing a Saint. The Police and the Government adminsitration which failed to protect these Sadhus have also accrued sins along with the mob that committed this heinous crime. What are these systems going to do to nullify the sin ?

Sin committed by the Police

A video depicting mob-lynching of Sadhus in Palghar has surfaced on social media. The video reveals that the Sadhus were begging the Police for help; and the Police did nothing to help them. Tragically, the Police handed over the Sadhus to the mob and kept watching the thrashing that took place. One of the Sadhus was 70-years-old. Setting aside for a moment that he was a Sadhu, did the Police not feel anything when handing over a 70-year-old man to a gang of demons ? Have they become so insensitive ? The motto of the Police force is ‘To protect the good and to destroy evil’. However, the behaviour of the Police was completely against this motto. Are the Police paid only for such acts ? Such behaviour of the Maharashtra Police is not humane or acceptable.

Some days before this, the Police had taken a devout Hindu to a Minister’s bungalow in Thane District and beaten him up at the behest of this Minister. Remember that the Police, who are subservient to a Minister, play the inhuman role instead of assisting innocent citizens who face a difficult time. Since the Police are also responsible for the killing of the Sadhus, an offence of culpable homicide needs to be registered against them.

Utter failure of law and order

How did the mob take to the streets with so many sticks and stones, even when there was lockdown ? Why did the Police not get any prior information ? Were the Police and intelligence agencies sleeping ? This is a major failure of Government agencies. A large crowd gathered in the Bandra area following rumours of resumption of train service. A similar crowd gathered in Palghar on 16th April. How does such a large crowd take to the streets during the lockdown ? Are they not afraid of the Police ? The Police and administration have completely failed to maintain law and order during the lockdown. Who spread the rumour that the Sadhus, who were going to attend the last rites of their Guru, were child-lifters and why ? A thorough inquiry needs to be conducted in this matter. Then only it will come to light whether there was a sinister conspiracy behind it. According to Mahendra Narendragiri, the place where the Sadhus were killed has a large population of religious fanatics. It should be investigated whether the Hindu Sadhus were killed purposely under a sinister conspiracy.

How will a land prosper where Saints and Sadhus are not respected but killed ? Many calamities that befell India were tolerated by Saints on the strength of their penance, and they did not let the people suffer. So, no matter how much gratitude is expressed towards such Saints, it will not suffice. However, it is most unfortunate that Saints in this land are not offered gratitude, instead, they are killed. This sinful act in Palghar has tarnished the land of Saints, Maharashtra. We have to watch what steps the Maharashtra Government takes to cleanse it.